Services offered by Global Trade Mostar

Activities and services
Besides basic activities we offer:

  • Cutting up of the sheet service (longitudinal and transverse)
  • Sheet cutting service - up to 4 mm
  • Sheet bending service - up to 8 m in lenghts
  • Sheet profiling service
  • Sheet bending service - up to 1 mm (in lengths up to 8 m)
  • Crimping
  • Cutting and bending
Installation services

Besides the production, our company, quickly and accurately perform the installation services for all our products. Installation is performed by trained and qualified professionals who are ready to respond to all the challenges that are in front of them and thus make your facility/building more beautiful and functional.

Installation services we perform are:

  • Panel installation
  • Construction tinsmithery installation
  • Profiled sheets installation
  • Trapezoidal sheet installation
  • Tile panels installation