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Sheet in the shape of tiles is largely represented in the market as the best choice for roofing of all types of buildings, from small prefabricated houses and cottages, from individual houses to large residential and commercial buildings. The adaptability of the roofing sheet in the shape of tiles is reflected in the possibility of the application in almost all types of roofs, and it allows the investor to select the desired shape of the roof and without taking into account the limitations of the roof which is the case with standard roofs. By its design, a sheet in the shape of tiles is similar to the classic cover, while eliminating all disadvantages.


Of special mention is the stability and durability of the roof sheet in the shape of tiles in all weather conditions, which is absolutely unattainable for other roofing materials.

The experience shows that the sheet in the shape of tiles can endure without any problems the harsh winter and the tropical heat. As the roof sheet is fastened with special screws with neoprene pads in the lower part of the roof sheet, which provides an excellent strength and makes it resistant to strong winds, ice, and the hail.

If the customers want to, they can get a sheet in the shape of tiles with FILC (during the profiling process, a HDF FILC is applied to the sheets to prevent condensation and dripping). The filc is an adhesive membrane which depending on the slope of the roof surface and the grammage of the filc itself can absorb up to 900gr/m2 of water. When the outside temperature rises there is a reverse process of condensation - evaporation).

Profiling of the tile panels is done on automatic production lines for the profiling of the sheet in the shape of tiles.