Global Trade

Trapezoidal profiled sheet (TR40/120, TR20/140,TR10/100,TR25/140) represent an excellent solution for covering of the buildings, provided that they are particularly suitable for covering industrial facilities, and this is their widest application.


They are used as ceiling or facade sheet and the basic characteristic of the trapezoidal profiled sheet is its exceptional durability in high loads.

Trapezoidal profiled sheet is supplied with reinforcement in the lower part of the sheet, which in addition to strength create better aesthetics impression, so the trapezoidal sheet is an excellent choice. If the customers want to, they can get the trapezoidal sheets with FLIC (during the profiling process, a HDF FILC is applied to the sheets to prevent condensation and dripping).

The filc is an adhesive membrane which depending on the slope of the roof surface and the grammage of the filc itself can absorb up to 900gr/m2 of water. When the outside temperature rises there is a reverse process of condensation - evaporation).

Profiling of the trapezoidal sheets is done on automatic production lines for profiling the trapezoidal sheets.